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Cutting Edge Spray Foam Services

  • Construction and Contractors
1676 Route 212
Saugerties, NY 12477
(845) 679-6980
  • About

    Please allow me to introduce myself and give you some background information. My name is Douglas Haeberer and I am the owner/operator of Cutting Edge Spray Foam Services Inc. I have been in the spray foam business independently for over four and a half years and was previously involved for three and a half years in spray foam applications.

    Twenty four years ago when foam was not fully understood, I was spraying flat roof systems mainly on commercial sites. People thought we were crazy, but look how far foam has come! Today, architects, engineers and builders are realizing the house as a system, not a structure. Vast majorities of people are recognizing the energy saving benefits and the promotion of healthier air quality found in the home after spray foam applications and proper air exchange systems.

    I entered back into the spray foam business after being an independent building/renovation contractor for fourteen years to provide insulation for clients that would like to save the maximum amount on their heating and cooling bills, while providing structural integrity, soundproofing, air sealing, and to allow my clients to be able to achieve the maximum efficiency of a home as a system. Spray foam has become the most effective form of insulation known to date. My products offer a supreme air barrier; vapor retarder and can achieve the highest R-value per inch possible.